We have a selection of equipment available to hire including:
Full Set of RHS Induction 35 kw
50kVA 6 Channel Transformers
65kVA 6 Channel Transformer .
Chino Recorders
Fuji Recorders
Programmers P256
Thermocouple Welding Units
Heat Coil 30,80.140 foot Including output coil and Water Jumper.
Various lengths of triple cable sets & splitters
Digital Recorder A6100
We can hire these items as part of a set or individually if required (and we have suitable stock levels).
Please contact us with details of the items you wish to hire and length of hire period and we will provide you with a quotation.
Please note the minimum hire period is one week. Next day delivery is available to most parts of the Saudi.





Black Htc One X 


Black Htc One X 



CEH-001               Chino Recorder 12 Channels (EH100-12).
                               Types of thermocouple Type K (standard) 
                               Temperature range of 0-1200 Degrees Celsius.
                               Chart dimensions 200mm W x 20 m fanfold
                               Input Voltage 100-240V A.C., 50/60 Hz.

CEH-002               Ink (12 Colors) for Chino recorder E100-12.
CEH-003               Drive Cord 12pt for Chino recorder E100-12.
CEH-004               Chart Paper (Chino recorder).
FFR-001                Fuji Digital Recorder 12 Channels.
FFR-002                Recorder Print Head Cartridge.
                               For 12 point Fuji temperature chart recorder.
FFR-003                Chart Paper (Fuji recorder)

TAU-210                The thermocouple welding unit is the devise used for attaching
                                the thermocouple by the capacitance discharge method directly
                                Charge Voltage 110-220, Thermocouple types K.


TCK-001                TC wire K Type - 0.711mm Diameter Double Insulated.
                                100m Roll (Yellow & Red).
TCK-002                Thermocouple compensating cable - 100m/roll.               
DIC-001                 16mm² HOFR Double Insulated Cooper Cable - 100m.
DIC-002                 25mm² HOFR copper, 185A, Triple cable set.
                                (c/w compensating lead & connectors), 30m long.
DIC-003                 3-way splitter c/w 3x60A female & 1x300A male connectors.
TCK-003                2m ‘jumper’ compensating lead fitted with two type K
                                thermocouple plugs.
DIC-004                 60 Volt Heater wire c/w NI CH 212 cold tails welded to each end.
DIC-005                 Ni-Ch 80/20 -19St Heater Core Wire.
CPS-013               Copper shim 300 Amp-19mm wide.
CPS-014               Copper shim 60 Amp-12.7mm wide.


BMS-001               Stainless steel Banding machines.
BMS-002               Stainless steel banding  1/2” -  (30m roll).
BMS-003               Stainless steel banding clips 1/2” - (box of 100).
BMS-004               Soft iron wire. (CS-SS).
                                Iron wire is adequate to fix the heating elements and insulation
                                around the work piece.


TCK-008                Thermocouple putty 0.5 k.g
                                (0.5 kg jar of high temperature cement).


CPS-001               300 Amp Female Sleeve.
CPS-002               300 Amp Female Brass Camlock Connector.
CPS-003               300 Amp Male Sleeve.
CPS-004               300 Amp Male Brass Camlock Connector.
CPS-005               300 Amp Fiber Pins.
CPS-006               60 Amp Female Sleeve.
CPS-007               60 Amp Female Brass Camlock Connector.
CPS-008               60 Amp Male Sleeve.
CPS-009               60 Amp Male Brass Camlock Connector.
CPS-010               60 Amp Fiber Pins.
CPS-011               Fixed and moving contacts for 200A contactor.
CPS-012               300A female panel mounted camlok connector.


TCK-004                Type K,Panel mounted thermocouple socket.                             
TCK-006                Connector, TC Type k, 2-Pin Male (Thermocouple Plug in line).
TCK-007                Connector, TC Type k, 2-Pin Female (Thermocouple Socket in line).
PLP-001                110V, 16A, 3-pin in-line plug.
PLP-002                110 A.C panel mounted outlet.


CFB-001                Ceramic Fiber Blanket  up to 1260ºC.                                128kg/m3 (25mm thick unmeshed roll 7320mm x 610mm).
CFB-002                Roll stainless steel mesh for insulation mat, 635mm wide, 25 kg/roll.
CFB-003                Roll stainless steel mesh for insulation mat, 330mm wide, 15 kg/roll.
CFB-004                25mm thick s/s meshed mat 600mm x 1800mm.
CFB-005                25mm thick s/s meshed mat 300mm x 1800mm.
CFB-006                25mm thick s/s meshed mat 600mm x 900mm.


HEC-013               Main body beads.
HEC-014               Main body beads with hole.
HEC-015               Finisher beads (Male End Beads)
HEC-016               Starter beads (Female End Beads)
HEC-017               Tail Bead, Pink
HEC-018               Tail Bead, Wait




htc one vCEH-001
htc one vFFR-001








htc one v CEH-002








htc one v TAU-210







htc one v TCK-001
htc one vTCK-002







htc one v CBF-001
htc one vDIC-002







htc one v DIC-003
htc one vTCK-006







htc one v DIC-005
htc one vCFB-004







htc one v BMS-001







htc one v BMS-004
htc one vTCK-008








htc one vKS001
htc one vWG001








htc one vHEC-002
htc one vCeramic Beats